Please read the below before booking or attending a class with Pilates Evolved.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please continue to wear a mask when entering and exiting your Pilates class. We highly recommend wearing your mask during your exercise session but this is not compulsory and we will ensure physical distancing during class.

Scanning in and a vaccine pass are no longer required.

Masks are required at all times if you are inside our physiotherapy clinic.

If unwell, we ask you to stay at home, change your physio session to telehealth or to rebook your Pilates Class.


ACC Claims

You do not have to have a referral or existing ACC claim to see us – we can take care of that for you.

If you do have an existing ACC claim and have been seeing another Physio, you can still choose to come here. If you are uncertain whether or not your injury can be claimed under ACC, please call reception for details.

Please note that we do have an ACC surcharge. Please call us to talk through our surcharge policy.

Learn more about ACC Claims here.


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