Stronger, more flexible – everyday


More classes, more options and more spaces so you can stay stronger, and more flexible, everyday.

Our new pilates studio in Ferrymead, Christchurch is just two doors down from our physiotherapy clinic – Physio Evolved. You’ll find mat, OOV and reformer pilates classes, all led by our trained physiotherapists.


Mat Pilates

Our most popular classes, learn exercises that can be replicated at home too.

Mat classes are limited to 15 per class, to ensure 2m distance between each mat.

Memberships from $25 per week (unlimited classes)

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Our newest class, reformer classes offer resistance training to get full body strength and flexibility.  Perfect for beginners or those more experienced.


Introductory class: free

Membership from $45 per week (unlimited classes)

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Clinical Pilates Classes

Our Clinical Pilates Classes are a 45-minute circuit using the Reformer, Trap Table, Chair, Barrel, Spring Wall, OOV and Mat Exercises.  Perfect for injury and post operative rehabilitation and for those wanting a more individualised programme. 

Lets get Started Package for $305 (ring reception for more details)

All inclusive Membership for $65 per week (unlimited classes)

And our Clinical Pilates/Rehab Membership $55 per week (max 3 clinical Pilates classes)

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OOV is perfect for those looking for immediate core strength. In clinical settings we use OOV to support a neutral spine.  Perfect if you are short on time (30 min classes), or looking to improve core strength or reduce neck and back pain.

Classes are limited to 10 people.

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Our team is dedicated to your care, ensuring you feel supported and achieve your movement goals.

ACC Claims

You do not have to have a referral or existing ACC claim to see us – we can take care of that for you.

If you do have an existing ACC claim and have been seeing another Physio, you can still choose to come here. If you are uncertain whether or not your injury can be claimed under ACC, please call reception for details.

Please note that we do have an ACC surcharge. Please call us to talk through our surcharge policy.

Learn more about ACC Claims here.


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